Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Day Begun

Today's practice, amid falling rain and a foggy harbor, produced memories from Christmas past. I thought of my parents who have not walked this Earth path with me for a number of years. I missed their presence and felt sad for being without them. And ... I let the sadness flow and go.

The peace and quiet of these morning practices is full ... of energy, rejuvenation, quiet contemplation. Fascination for the natural world around me. Gratitude for where I am and who I have here with me. This morning my practice companions are soaring seagulls, a couple walking three huge dogs, and the patter of rain on cobblestone streets below me.

I practiced in my sister's livingroom today with the same beautiful view of the harbor before me. As I stood quieting myself before practice I watched two tugs move toward me in the darkness. They resembled Christmas trees floating across the harbor, huge in girth, decorated with lights.

Throughout my practice I soaked in peace from the still world around me. I relished my privacy ... the quiet time. Eventually I heard Bertie Wooster (my sister's dove) call from the other room as I exhaled healing sounds to a quiet apartment.

The day is begun....

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