Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tide Point

Today's practice in darkness was illuminated by the lights of Baltimore. Tide Point flashed out in large white letters across the bay, Bond Street Market flowed down the outside of a building kitty-corner across the intersection. Street lights illumined now-dry cobblestones where yesterday it was rainy and damp, the day before, snowy. Business, shoreline, and marine lights reflected off the surface of the water.

As a temporary visiting city dweller I turn on no lights in the room where I practice. Still, I see well enough--due to abundant outdoor lighting--to balance and move. The water's surface ... smooth but for a constant slight ripple.

My thoughts and memories are like those watery ripples. I remind myself to sink into my roots, to rest in my center, to release my mind's flickers and fanciful flights. As Justin Stone reminds us (paraphrased): "Do not be tossed by the waves on the surface of the water. Focus instead on the shoreline. Be as still as the horizon."

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