Friday, September 21, 2012

Divine Sunshine

Tuesday, September 18, 2012:

Today my sister arrives for her first visit in more than seven years. I cleaned house in the AM and switched work shifts in order to finish earlier. Then straight home to Frances and my sister, dinner, conversation, and, before I knew it, bedtime.

T'ai Chi Chih practice was a mere 15 minute interlude before falling into bed and, for that I was grateful. It helped to calm the rushing mind, relax my busy body, and release me into a night of relaxing, regenerative sleep.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012:

I got a larger than normal T'ai Chi Chih fix today as I started my fall session of TCC classes and taught two back-to-back classes. It's always incredibly wonderful to practice TCC in a group and I came home energized and alert.

Interestingly, Frances and Mel went to bed first (highly unusual!) and, though I thought I was staying up to read, I quickly succumbed to the quiet darkness. Soon my head bowed to the earth and my book closed its pages to my unseeing eyes.

Thursday, September 20, 2012:

Today was my one full day of visitation with my sister and we talked and talked over a late and long breakfast before heading over to Madeline Island to walk the town beach.

My TCC practice was a snatched five minutes upstairs in the bedroom before the three of us headed into Bayfield to catch the ferry to Madeline. I thought, of course, that I'd practice more later....

Though the day was largely overcast, we walked the beach and boardwalk through the forest, then sat on the sand in warming bits of sunshine. It was divine. My sister (who moves to Florida next Wednesday) kept saying, "Oh, I love the sunshine." Even though we are native Minnesotans, I'm now convinced that she'll be very happy in the Sunshine State.

Out to dinner at a restaurant by Lake Superior and then home again. I was on the Migun massage table and then off to bed before you could say, "Jack Rabbit." Sadly, TCC practice was long forgotten.

Friday, September 21, 2012:

I've been staving off a cold that's passing through the schools, library, and a co-worker. Today, after Mel left I knew that my first order of business/pleasure was T'ai Chi Chih.

I found a spot of sunshine and began. Ahhh. It felt delicious to move softly and quietly in whispering woods. After practice I backed up several steps and sat on deck steps as I 'received' the energy from my practice, the warmth of sunshine on my face, and the comforting sound of wind through rapidly coloring leaves. Yes, again it was divine....

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