Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicken Soup for the T'ai Chi Chih Player

The main creature stirring today--other than the cat and the dog--was a mouse that Chiripa monitored, followed, and toyed with right outside the front door. Ms. Chiripa was in fine form today. She's an excellent example of cabin fever run amok.

Thanks to warmer temperatures this morning Chiripa ventured out the door immediately. Later Frances saw her wade through deep snow and leap up a tree. When I looked out the window, Chiripa was happily ensconced in said tree looking insanely pleased with herself, her tail wildly twisting from side to side. This cat has energy to burn.

Frances is sick. I spent part of the afternoon creating a healing potion of homemade chicken soup. I'm currently at work outlining several chapters in Buddha's Brain as Joan and I prepare to discuss its contents with TCC students in Cornucopia.

My late afternoon TCC practice was a welcome break from too many hours spent plopped in front of the computer. All was quiet outside the window. No birds. No squirrels. No movement whatsoever. Simple silence. All was quiet inside, too, except for sporatic coughing fits tumbling out of the bedroom and down the stairs. It's time to serve up the chicken soup and soak in its healing vapors....

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