Sunday, January 30, 2011

White Silence

Oh, if wishes could only be true I'd be out snowshoeing through the forest today enjoying the new four-inch layer of fluffy snow that drifted down to Earth last night. Instead, my cold/flu continues to progress. Today I have a temperature and additional symptoms.

My energy is fairly good which leads me to believe that my daily T'ai Chi Chih practices continue to boost my immune system and vital force. One major difference from other times I've been sick ... I don't feel discouraged or downtrodden. I just keep moving along.

During my afternoon TCC practice I looked out the window at the woods thickly swaddled in white. If I thought my practice was quiet yesterday, well ... Nature's insulation flows over every available surface and covers the woods in its huge silence.

I'm grateful for the peace. It happily reinforces my healing process and allows me to rest ... read ... be ...

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