Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cleaning Teeth, Focusing the Mind

I had another wonderful opportunity to practice T'ai Chi Chih with my mind today while I sat in the dentist's chair. I was partway into the teeth cleaning procedure when it occurred to me to focus my thoughts on TCC in order to elevate my state of relaxation.

And, yes, it worked ... at least somewhat. My mind was challenged by the loud rock music streaming from a radio in the corner of the room and the constant rubbing of the dental instrument against each tooth as the dental hygenist removed plaque.

Nevertheless, Rocking Motion stimulated wonderfully peaceful feelings. I felt as if I could lull myself into a restful state regardless of what befell me. Other forward and back movements such as Daughter on the Mountaintop and Daughter in the Valley were less successful. When I returned home after my appointment, though, I launched into my moving practice and felt quiet and peace as soon as I began.

The windsled in driving back and forth to Madeline Island as of last Saturday and a stable, secure ice road (County Highway H) should appear soon. Temperatures fall below freezing each evening and rise into the teens during the day creating ideal conditions for the ice to thicken.

Connie, the head librarian at Madeline Island Library was at the Bayfield Library today. When I asked her about winter hours at the Madeline Library, she told me that I should venture over to Madeline once the ice road is functional. I can visit the library there just to breathe different book air, I suppose.

After I closed up the library this evening I walked downstairs to attend Bayfield Library's first Cabin Fever presentation of the winter. I listened to the conclusion of Mayor Larry MacDonald's talk about the sustainability trip to Sweden that he and his wife took last October. Ten mayors from around the United States traveled there to learn about and share ideas about further efforts to "green" up their communities.

Yes, change is happening bit by bit. And, as Larry postulated, it's going to be a bottom-up movement as the federal government seems reluctant to initiate change. The Bayfield Pennisula already leads sustainability efforts around the state of Wisconsin and beyond. We have a huge natural resource to preserve here (besides the beautiful forest lands): Lake Superior.

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