Saturday, January 29, 2011

T'ai Chi Chih: The Ultimate Free Supplement

Fresh snow balances along the deck rail and coats pine branches whitely. The coating seems to have stilled the Earth. It is tremendously quiet.

Ours is still a household of sickness. I have a sore throat and slight cough now. Compared with Frances' repetitive sneezing and coughing, though, I seem healthy. My energy is up; I spent a good part of the day cooking and working in the kitchen--my normal routine for a Saturday.

I wonder: Is my T'ai Chi Chih practice (along with supplements and homeopathics) stimulating a healing response with fewer and less severe symptoms than my partner? It's hard to know for sure but I can attest to the fact that my late afternoon TCC practice left me feeling good. I'm both relaxed and energized.

During practice I looked out the patio door at unmoving snow ... everywhere. Then I launched into Rocking Motion and stayed with it for five minutes or more. Slowly inhaling, exhaling. Rising, falling, forward and back. It felt wonderful to establish a rhythm and stay with it, rocking myself like a baby.

My goal is to avoid the worst of whatever this sickness is that's currently inhabiting the house. I'll see what tomorrow brings....

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