Friday, January 14, 2011

T'ai Chi Chih: Self-Care Tool

Plain and simple: I'm tired. So much so that I just did a five minute T'ai Chi Chih practice to wake me up to my blog.

Today's morning TCC practice was done with a specific goal in mind. I felt anxious about meeting a friend to discuss some rough spots in our friendship so I relied upon my T'ai Chi Chih form to moderate the emotional distress. It worked.

Minutes into my practice I felt at ease and relaxed. By practice end I was centered, clear, and felt (what Justin calls) a growth in certainty. That doesn't mean that there weren't a few difficult moments during our conversation but, all in all, our discussion went well.

The snow has fallen lightly for the past four or five hours and my short night of sleep is catching up with me. It is definitely time to say finis to this day and remove my fingers from the keyboard.

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