Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blizzard Mania

Blizzard warnings predict up to a foot of snow. Area residents are on high alert. And a near-to-closing library patron mentioned that Bayfield school cancelled tomorrow's classes. So far, though, no snow.

The winds are incredibly heavy. The front door of the library was forced partially open by the frigid breezes while numerous library patrons came inside looking as though they'd just escaped subzero windchills.

I wouldn't mind hunkering down tomorrow and "putting up with" a snow day. I feel exhausted from my tax accountant meeting and more than ready for a wee bit of time off.

Tonight's seated T'ai Chi Chih practice was a nice variation from a rush-rush day. My body relaxed as soon as I drifted into Resting Position. The energy felt strong (Could it be because everything is being blown about as if a mini-tornade invaded the area?).

I'm ready to relax, retreat, and see what tomorrow brings....

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