Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Effortless Flow

T'ai Chi Chih mania! That's how it feels when I look for moments, corners, and opportunities in which to slip a T'ai Chi Chih practice into my ever-expanding life.

This morning while I waited for a T'ai Chi Chih student (who's helping to coordinate the discussion on Buddha's Brain) to arrive I switched into a bright white light TCC practice. Yes, there's some anxiety about facilitating the discussion on Buddha's Brain since the material is complex and multi-layered. Somehow, though, when I include my T'ai Chi Chih practice in the mix, the atmosphere relaxes and becomes more manageable.

My body felt tight today. But now, after practice, I feel alert, relaxed, and ready to meet with my co-conspirator. Hopefully, the creativity and ideas will flow effortlessly....

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