Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Harmony ... and Peace

Tonight's T'ai Chi Chih classes brimmed with energy and inspiration! All eight registered students attended the first class. My challenge was to move the group from animated conversations into quiet practice. I did this the traditional T'ai Chi Chih way that I've observed in teachers' gatherings and trainings. When the conversation won't stop as requested, simply begin to move.

It was fascinating to notice how quickly competing conversations ceased and quiet permeated the room. Tonight's practice was especially wonderful! Movements clicked, energy flowed, muscles relaxed, and Monkey Minds focused on one shared yet unspoken goal: to be in the present moment. To move together with One Mind is a powerful and empowering experience. Yes! That's how I experienced what happened.

The beginning class had a similar outcome though in a much different way. My small group of beginners shrunk to one student. As a result, tonight's class was a private session. Since I seldom have the opportunity to teach a private session I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It felt like a gift for me to focus on one person's movements and to make suggestions that fit that single person's body and movement patterns. Again, the two of us moved in a concentrated and connected way that felt wonderfully nourishing.

Two ends of the spectrum: a full class of eight and an empty class of one. It really doesn't matter how many people move together with the Chi. All that truly matters is that we move. Together. As one. With harmony ... and peace.

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