Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Loosening and Lightening

This has been a very long day. My morning practice seems as though it happened days ago. And now, some nine hours later, I'm happy to dispense with this day.

Many people commented on today's special beauty. The sun shone brightly and, with clean, fresh snow sprinkled everywhere, the world felt wonderfully alive.

During my T'ai Chi Chih practice I watched unceasing activity around the bird feeder. Squirrels and birds, a woodpecker, and a huge raven visited the feeder, flying and dashing in every direction. More snow is predicted for the remainder of the week but, for this day alone, there's glorious, fabulous sunshine.

Yesterday one of my co-workers was diagnosed with pneumonia and another with bronchitis. It felt lonely at work as I handled patron requests and phone calls by myself. Though I'm sure that my pre-work TCC practice placed me in the proper frame of mind now, after six hours of complaints and complications, I wish I'd launched into a few minutes of practice to balance the constant demands of customer service.

It takes practice and experience to be able to easily allow people's anger and frustration to simply slide off me and flow into the Earth. At the moment I feel tired from a demanding day but if I take just a few minutes to revisit my TCC practice, I'm sure that my mood with lift and my energy lighten.

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