Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silence for 'Sensitives'

Snow falls through the darkness. It's a quiet day after last night's party that rebounded with loud conversations. I'm grateful for the silence. A friend who's also a "highly sensitive person" told me on the phone today that noise is one of the hardest things for highly sensitives to handle. I'm living proof. I started today feeling weighed down with exhaustion. After a day of quiet I'm gradually beginning to regenerate and regain some vitality.

My evening T'ai Chi Chih practice was enormously quiet. Frances, Namaste, and Chiripa were all outside doing chores. With no distractions near at hand I drifted through my practice in peaceful tranquility. Now, though, I feel a bone deep weariness beckoning me to bed.

It's a good time to cease and desist with my writing since my brain seems to be stuck in neutral. Ahhh. The day is done....

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