Friday, March 25, 2011

Resting for a Time

Yep. You can tell spring is on its way when circles of bare ground appear at the feet of tree trunks. It's exciting!

Last night Frances and I attended Stagenorth's production of Dancing at Lughnasa. Set in 1936 Ballybeg, Ireland, it's the tale of five sisters surviving at the edges of poverty. Their struggle is made easier when they unexpectedly burst into dance or song. They've realized, as I have, that movement lightens the heart and eases the mind.

Our out-of-town guests arrive later this afternoon which means we're all a-scurry. The theme of the day: clean-clean-clean, sort-sort-sort.

My late morning T'ai Chi Chih practice (standing) was--once again--a wonderful respite from the never-ending theme of clean-cook-organize-pick up. I watched the steady trees outside the bedroom window and marveled at their dry feet while wondering about their (also dry?) roots.

Practice was nothing spectacular. Still, it brought me into the quiet moment and allowed me to rest there for a time....

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