Monday, March 14, 2011

Taking T'ai Chi Chih to the Twin Cities

Saturday, March 12, 2011, 4:45 p.m.:

I'm lounging in our room at The Saint Paul Hotel--thanks to the generosity of friends--prior to going out for dinner then attending the Minnesota Opera's performance of La Traviata. It's the lifestyle of the rich and famous and I'll gladly adopt it for one evening to experience how the other 'half' (err, 10%) lives.

We spent the day visiting with our friends and eating good food. I practiced T'ai Chi Chih while several of our group ate breakfast. Looking out a window downhill into our friends' backyard and beyond I was struck by how dense city living is: house by house by house, backyard neighboring backyard. There's a constant roar of traffic and planes. Each household's actions, behaviors, and noise levels affect the next. (Obviously I've grown used to the rural woodland lifestyle!)

It felt good to slowly move, touching peace and tranquility in the midst of a small house filled with four adults and one dog. Later in the day I overheard the voices of my friends as they rose in volume and intensity and I kept my cool.

To start the day quietly is an enormous blessing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011:

During this morning's T'ai Chi Chih practice I looked down upon Rice Park from our room on the eighth floor of The Saint Paul Hotel. We were higher than the seagulls (or pigeons?) who spiralled up from the park to roost on the roof of the Ordway Theater and the Landmark Center.

It's a lazy Sunday morning with sparse traffic and a perfectly positioned view of the St. Paul Cathedral which dominates the scene. I have a birds' eye view of the winged ones and the street action.

Today we'll head back to the woods but first, breakfast with one pair of friends and lunch with another. I'd like to squeeze in more socializing but think it best to moderate my activity levels since we'll drive five hours this afternoon/evening and then off to work tomorrow.

I'm incredibly grateful to have these precious TCC practice minutes each day in order to return myself to sanity in the midst of challenging times (Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor failures being just one example).

Monday, March 14, 2011, 8:30 p.m.:

I slept so soundly last night that I didn't realize the cat tried to wake me until I got out of bed and discovered a bloody scratch across one cheek. Yes, friends, I'm back home--home, sweet home--once again.

I experienced terrible stomach upset yesterday during the drive home and eventually vomited up breakfast and lunch. So ... a good night's sleep was a welcome tonic for my ailing body.

Though exceedingly tired today, I practiced TCC before heading to work and moved at half-speed most of the day. By late afternoon I re-membered myself. And now--now--I'll practice some more moving meditation to continue my healing process....

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