Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Resiliency Plus

It's a crazy world! Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor destruction in Japan and our government proclaims that nothing similar could happen here in the U.S. Denial. It's more than the name of a river in Egypt.

Here in Wisconsin demonstrations have continued for four weeks over the union-busting (and monarchical)actions of our newly-elected govenor. The chasm between people of different political persuasions and class backgrounds continues to widen. In the rural area where I live budget cuts will weaken our small communities and contribute to unemployment rather than create jobs as Gov. Walker promised.

Of course, there's also the civil unrest in Libya, Bahrain, and Egypt. How does one stay sane in the midst of natural disasters and political and economic unheaval?

Practice T'ai Chi Chih moving meditation. That's one option at the very least. Today I practiced TCC twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. While we're being lambasted with disasterous news, it helps to begin and end the day with peace and, even, hope. The human spirit is incredibly resilient. And, thankfully, T'ai Chi Chih practice reminds me of that fact.

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