Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunshine En-Light-enment

Another beautiful, sunshine-filled day. Somehow life feels easier, more upbeat, and en-light-ening on a day like today.

My morning challenge? To maintain my concentration and focus after friends arrived during my T'ai Chi Chih practice. The designated plan: they would collaborate with Frances on spring seed planting. Our multi-windowed, sun-filled porch could serve as the perfect greenhouse for both our friends and ourselves.

Upon their arrival conversation was plentiful and, occasionally, loud and political in nature. I soon realized how difficult it was for me to disengage from discussions about our town even when I was located in the room above. Once again, I was presented with an important lesson in letting go. I chose to bring my concentration into single-pointed focus. And, subsequently, my mind wasn't as easily drawn away from my practice and into the political fray.

Now I'm tuned up and ready to head off to a busy day at work....

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