Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An end? Err ... beginning

I was called into work early; my boss felt ill and left me to work alone all day. It's a very long day when I'm at the library by myself and expected to answer the phone, wait on patrons, check in and reshelve books, and fill requests for other libraries in our system without taking any breaks.

Of course, today is election day too. After the polls closed Frances was disappointed to discover that she lost her bid for town supervisor. She feels discouraged at the moment and I feel mixed because I know she had big plans to change the direction the town was heading.

And so, of course, I delved into my T'ai Chi Chih practice which always seems to make things better (or, at the very least, bearable). I'm still fighting off this cold that's been pursuing me since last week and I hope to have a slower, more relaxed day tomorrow (before I teach in the evening).

It's time to close this blog as my fingers are hitting incorrect keys and repeatedly taking me off the site.

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