Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Impatient vs. Patient and Kind

Here's another sure sign of spring: a new chipmunk hole appeared in front of the house today right where last year's hole was located before Frances covered it with a small stone. The stone was rolled away! Does that sound like a familiar Easter-time story?

The honeysuckle bushes are leafing out and blossoming. And, again, I couldn't resist joining the critters outside in the 37 degree heat (after work this afternoon) to ply my trade with a T'ai Chi Chih practice. The wind had quieted after several days of unending whoosh and whish. And it was quiet, calm, and relaxing.

Truth be told, I wish I had practiced TCC before I went to work this morning, but I ran out of time due to an earlier-than-usual start. And, accordingly, I was impatient with some of my early patrons. Yes, no doubt about it, T'ai Chi Chih practice does help me to be more patient and kind (with myself and others).

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