Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Computer Catch-Up Time

Monday, April 23, 2012:

I did not practice T'ai Chi Chih either Saturday or Sunday while I was in the Twin Cities ... too much socializing and running/driving back and forth from St. Paul to Minneapolis (and back again). By the end of each day I was spent.

This is the first time in two-plus years of blogging that I've missed two consecutive days of TCC practice. I could beat myself with a (self-critical Monkey Mind) stick but, instead, I tell myself, "Well done!"

Today I'm back home in lovely sunshine (which we didn't experience much while in the Cities). I climbed the deck for practice while Frances planted iris and the animals planted themselves between us.

When I tried to blog afterwards, though, I was stopped by my lack of access to Google Chrome. Rather than resort to impatience and frustration I simply decided to tackle this task another day when I'm rested and fully charged.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012:

Again, I practiced T'ai Chi Chih outside before work. It is/was a fabulous day. Stunning, really. I hit the dirt for my practice (just outside the front door) and, without buzzing insects, it was heavenly.

Then it was off to work with a "refuse to let go headache." No way was I fit--or inclined--to attempt Google Chrome today ... I'm on a welcome computer hiatus.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012:

I realized this morning that today is the first time since last Wednesday that I have no work or social commitments. Yes, I was down in The Cities last weekend "vacationing." Still, for me (a hard core introvert), being overstimulated by new people, sights, and sounds is tremendously draining.

Today is my day off and I know that if I commit to rest, relaxation, and quiet, in the subsequent days I'll be happier and more productive.

To that end, I slept, read, and (around lunchtime) did my TCC practice. Though I went outside to practice in Lucy's company, I soon retired to the warmth of our house. The fresh air felt invigorating, but the warm air was more comforting and comfortable.

This day's goal is simple: recharge. While T'ai Chi Chih plays its part, the resting, snuggling, and sitting in quiet are key pieces too.

Tomorrow, I know, I'll be up and running again.

Thursday, April 26, 2012:

True to yesterday's prediction, I do feel more energetic and motivated today. Frances and I took a long walk this morning and saw our first bear prints of the season.

An early evening TCC practice as I sat on the front step was incredibly quiet and relaxing. And now, four hours later, I slip into sleep....

Friday, April 27, 2012:

A long busy day at work plus a brief stop at Wild by Nature to pick up our CSA veggie/fruit half-share and a quick peek at the Bayfield Pavillion to check on preparations for our library thrift sale scheduled for tomorrow, 8:00-1:00 p.m.

After work, Frances and I walked for an hour, and then I practiced T'ai Chi Chih. Though I was tired, it felt good to move slowly, quietly.

Saturday, April 28, 2012:

Today I was reminded of how contented I feel to break from my regular daily computer use. It's a relief to be on a long silent retreat from technology. Though daily blogs, email, and Facebook posts have become the way of the world, I'm grateful to wander down a different road.

Today was cook-cook-cook day. Frances and I ate breakfast and lunch out on the deck; even though the temperatures were in the 40s, the sun was bright.

Frances spotted a coyote hovering in the woods not far from the house this morning. We rushed outside to scare it away and rescue the cat and dog. After we let the birds out of the barn, Frances spent most of the afternoon working outside (it was most likely a coyote that grabbed Lucy by the neck several years ago and tried to drag her into the woods).

When Frances came inside for a break, I went outside to practice TCC by Lucy's side (both of the humans in this household are feeling highly protective right now). Although I'm immensely relieved to temporarily rid myself of technology--got to get my Google Chrome up and running--I won't abandon my moving meditation practice.

Yeah. I feel quiet and relaxed post-practice.

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