Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Choice

Today's opportunity for T'ai Chi Chih practice came at just the right moment. Frances and I had just had a disagreement and, rather than engage in further argument, I adjourned to the deck and my TCC practice.

At times like this, when the emotions are roiled, it is much better to seek (and hopefully find!) No Self. Arguing often doesn't make matters better, but finding a clear, calm, grounded center may well make all the difference. I opted for grounding myself and then left to listen to an Easter Cantata at Bethesda Lutheran Church. Several of my T'ai Chi Chih students were part of the choir and I wanted to express my support by being present for their performance.

The quiet, the music, the message of unconditional love and sacrifice were all comforting and after attending to several errands I returned home to a quieter, more peaceful environment.

It's so helpful for me to learn (late in life!) that I can choose not to engage in mean, thoughtless behaviors and words. Once again, thank you T'ai Chi Chih moving meditation.

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