Sunday, April 1, 2012

Energy Rising....

Saturday, March 31, 2012:

Last night I did my T'ai Chi Chih and Qigong practices before I went to bed (early). It was a busy day what with preparing for Frances's birthday party on Sunday as well as the arrival of her friend and college roommate later this afternoon.

I picked up some wonderful natural cold remedies at the Coop while I ran errands and collected Frances's traditional German Chocolate Cherry Torte birthday cake at the sweet shop in Ashland. By bedtime, though, I was tired and my throat was very, very sore.

I left Frances to visit with her friend when I retired. And my Chi-circulating practices were helpful and welcome approaches to healing my body and mind.

Sunday, April 1, 2012:

After a long healing sleep, I woke to a leisurely breakfast with Frances and our friend. Then we cleaned, organized, and prepared for our mid-afternoon party. Before the party began I retreated to the bedroom for my T'ai Chi Chih practice (I still plan to do my Qigong practice before I go to bed).

It was a lovely, friend-filled afternoon with good conversation, great food, and a wonderful cake (from what I heard!). Now that the house is empty of people and the dishes are washed and the food put away, it's time to return to the ABCs of Chi. Just a wee bit more T'ai Chi Chih practice and Qigong before I head for bed.

Yes, my sore throat is getting better and my energy is rising....

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