Friday, July 20, 2012

Ahhh ... Refreshing

The heat is upon us. I can feel its arrival in the still, heavy air. The woods is silent except for the low hum of insects.

Many of those insects--mosquitoes in particular--made their appearance during T'ai Chi Chih practice. I allowed them to disturb me by engaging with them (i.e., waving them away, scratching itchy spots after they departed, etc.). I just didn't have the focus and attention (intention) to ignore them.

I was initially lured outside by Lucy after she happily slipped into her freshly-filled wading pool. I couldn't resist; I wanted to watch her joyous splashing, flapping, and grooming while she floated atop a mere three inches of water. Oh, if I could only be so joyful while taking my baths!

After she stepped out of the pool she joined me in my seated TCC practice. Inadvertently, I was included in her post-bath dry-off. She flapped her wings repeatedly; the first time I was splattered with water and each subsequent flap bathed me in a gust of warm air.

Similar to Lucy, after practice I felt refreshed and renewed as if I, too, had splashed myself thoroughly with pure cold water....

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