Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving Through and Moving On

Last week I asked a patron at the library how he could walk in looking cool and comfortable while many other people commented upon and complained about the intense heat. He thought it was easy. "I just focus on what I'm doing," he replied. And then he mumbled something about his spiritual connection.

I didn't ask him to repeat himself because I felt that I understood what he was saying without hearing his entire explanation. He reminded me of T'ai Chi Chih practice and the well-worn words I share with my classes: "Your attention and intention directly affect what you experience." Or, the more familiar refrain: "Where attention goes, energy flows."

I've thought of his words often during the past week as our area continues to be--like much of the country--under the influence of warmer than normal temperatures. I know that I often feel better when I don't know the exact forecast because as long as I'm unaware of what the actual temperature is, I don't focus on how hot I am.

And, yes, today is hot (Weather Bug currently notes 91 degrees). But I just keep moving along with my projects and T'ai Chi Chih practice; and, though I know that I'm hot, I feel fine. I focused on experiencing the energy during my T'ai Chi Chih practice and allowing my body to release tension and tightness. It felt wonderful to simply 'let go.'

And now ... I'm on to my next warm weather activity.

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