Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sharing the Energy with My Animal Family

I feel calmer. With the assistance of my daily T'ai Chi Chih practices and the welcome addition of two friends who offered to send Reiki energy, my mindbody/bodymind have settled into a more relaxed state.

When I went outside for today's TCC practice, I was immediately surrounded by a meeting of the minds (Lucy, Namaste, and Chiripa all gathered close by). Midway through practice I decided to stand and found that the three white critters were arranged in a nearby semi-circle. It took little effort on my part to edge my way over to the others while I flowed through Perpetual Motion Taffy and soon, our four bodies created a circle.

It was a joy to practice in the round with a goose, dog, and cat (all other times my circle practices have included other people!). After practice I sat in meditation to "receive" the energy and my 10-minute session flew by.

Joy through movement. Joy through collaboration. Joy through sharing the energy with the animals who are closest to my heart!

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