Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peace Rejuvenates

It's another beautiful day (with lower humidity!); and, I did another wonderful T'ai Chi Chih practice outside with my regular practice partners, Lucy and Namaste. Lucy, as she often does, extended her left foot, leg, and wing while I moved, and her slow, graceful stretch was a joy to watch.

Why, you might ask, do I seem so satisfied with the regular, repetitive, daily events of my life? I suppose it's because my life in the woods is so quiet and peaceful that I'm happily entertained by the simplest, most mundane (to some people) events of the natural world. Perhaps it just reinforces the notion that if you like where you live and enjoy your life, it doesn't take much to make you happy.

Oh, the chi felt so wonderful today. I'm off on errands before work and then more stops after work and, thus, I'm grateful for the quietude of my practice. Peace rejuvenates....

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