Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stillness in a Whirlwind

It took some time for my body and thoughts to slow during this morning's TCC practice. Daily life is a whirlwind of activity and it's simply too easy to get caught up in its ever-changing activities and priorities.

And yet, allowing the time and space for stillness is what allows us to find it. And today, thankfully, I did find some moments of peace.

During practice I passed in and out of sunshine as dark clouds hurried by overhead. The goose groomed, the dog slept, and one curious moth sat on the car bumper and appeared to observe my practice. It was a bit unsettling as I couldn't tell what this living creature was or, for that matter, whether it was living at all.

Eventually I rose from my TCC seat and edged over to the car. Wow! What I thought might be a small eye and nose/mouth were actually markings on the moth's wings. When I rose and approached, the moth flew off and alleviated my sensation of being watched.

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