Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Like Rice Krispies in Milk

Thankfully, the rains came last night after an uncomfortable period of drought. It rained and rained, then thunder and lightning, and more rain. Rain is also predicted for tonight and tomorrow which is a welcome break for wells and gardens.

We had another visitation from a raccoon this afternoon (Frances was visited yesterday afternoon); said visit was heralded by Lucy's loud honking and Namaste's frantic barking. I didn't see the masked marauder immediately after stepping outside even though I heard a rustle in a tree somewhere. Eventually I spotted it in the tree closest to the front door of the house. Yikes! It appears to feel comfortable as it ventures closer and closer to our house and our animals.

During this afternoon's T'ai Chi Chih practice I focused on allowing tension to pour down my body and into the earth. I immediately felt better, as if the crackles and crunches of my tight body were softened like Rice Krispies left to soak in milk.

The day is quiet, overcast, and dark. My energy is now rejuvenated as I move into this afternoon's next big project....

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