Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Still Learning....

We had a lovely T'ai Chi Chih group practice this morning ... the sky was clear, the temperature mild, the breeze cool. After practice (and our weekly energy circle) I let out a big sigh (oh, to release tension, share energy with a group, and experience the beauty of the natural world as One). What a blessing and gift we share with one another during each class gathering and practice.

Next we delved into Justin Stone's book, Spiritual Odyssey. Our topic of the morning was "Balancing Chi: A Great Secret of Life." Justin writes:
     T'ai Chi Ch'uan and T'ai Chi Chih, performed properly and on a cumulative basis, tends to circulate and balance the Yin and Yang aspects of the Chi (intrinsic energy or vital force, as some call it). This is one of the great secrets of life, not only bringing healing and energizing effects, but speeding the level of evolution to a high degree. In this respect the two disciplines have great spiritual value and all true lasting healing is spiritual in nature.
 Yes, and again, yes. Each day and every situation presents me with an opportunity to let go of my personal striving and connect with the support, guidance and wisdom of the Tao (the Oneness). I'm still learning....

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