Monday, July 23, 2012

Chi is Key

A friend called yesterday to tell me that something I'd shared with her partner had "saved her life." That something was a chi machine. Her partner had tried the machine during a visit to our home and later bought one for herself. During a recent pack-up, clean-up move the woman worked 24-7 to get herself out of her lodging; her only respite was the time she spent on the chi machine.

Yes, I agree, Chi is key. I prefer to circulate the chi during my T'ai Chi Chih practices, but benefits are readily available when lying on the chi machine, receiving acupuncture treatments, or doing any number of qigong practices (T'ai Chi Chih being one of them).

Today is another hot sunny day. I practiced TCC outside but found that I was easily distracted since I'm currently in an unrelenting DO mode. Where was my attention and intention? Clearly it wasn't in my practice. Eventually I focused on relaxing my shoulders and letting tension slip from my body and into the earth.

At the end of my practice a bright stream of sunshine shone through the leaves of a nearby tree and blessed me with its brilliance. And, though I wasn't fully present during my practice, I still received benefits from the Chi. I feel lighter, calmer, and much more in tune with my body.

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