Thursday, August 2, 2012

Refining and Re-Finding Ourselves

Today is glorious. This morning's T'ai Chi Chih practice--held in the shade of a huge tree--felt wonderful. The breeze was sweet and refreshing and our class was small, which allowed us to stay within the cool confines of the shade. Again, I asked group members to pay attention to where they placed their attention at the beginning and ending of each movement (as well as during each movement).

Many students talked about being aware of their t'an t'ien and the count of each repetition. And, even though our conversation before practice focused on the stress and busyness of the season, eventually members of our circle came more solidly into the present moment.

We continue to focus on bringing ourselves (all of ourselves) into the present moment. With practice--and with conversation and discussion about our practice--we become more aware of our bodies and minds and more conscious of ourselves and our practices.

As Justin Stone repeated again and again: Practice, practice, practice. It is through this repetition that we accumulate benefits from the free flow of Chi and refine and re-find ourselves.

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