Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taking My Place

I made a double batch of cucumber soup to bring to our Cornucopia TCC class potluck following our final session tomorrow morning. It felt good to know that I was sharing the bounty of our garden with the special people in this class.

Post-soup making I went outside for T'ai Chi Chih practice. Though warming (it's now 80 degrees), there was a slight breeze that kept me cool and relaxed. Today, as yesterday, when I slipped into my practice I felt like I was putting on a pair of old shoes. It just felt so comfortable.

I saw the first leaves of fall tumbling through the air yesterday and the day before. Yes, fall is upon us, and I plan to spend as many TCC practice days outside as possible because it's incredibly delightful to take my place in the circle/cycle of Nature.

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