Sunday, August 5, 2012

To Simply Be Me

Even though it's beautifully sunny today, it's coolish. During my T'ai Chi Chih practice I positioned myself in sunshine, which helped. But, with the cool breeze, I felt the beginnings of a seasonal shift toward fall.

Lucy and Namaste both moved next to me during my practice and then Lucy used her beak to pull up plantain plants. She didn't eat them, but merely focused on weeding. With the busy breeze and the busy goose directly in front of me it took me awhile to slow myself down to a relaxed, comfortable pace.

I was also affected, I'm sure, by the fact that this week will be outrageously busy with two sets of out-of-town visitors and six days of work at the library. But, hey, the purpose of this practice is to stay in the moment, right?

And so that was my goal: to feel the breeze, soak in the sunshine, activate and experience the Chi, and simply be me....

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