Friday, August 31, 2012


Thursday, August 30, 2012:

Even when I have the best of intentions, I sometimes do something totally unexpected. That's what happened during today's final Cornucopia TCC practice. I skipped Daughter on the Mountaintop and Daughter in the Valley. And, after we finished Carry the Ball to the Side and were in Resting Position, I had a moment of wonderment. Did we skip the Daughters?

When I asked my class, "Did we do Daughter on the Mountaintop/Daughter in the Valley,"several students responded with a quick shake of their heads and a smile. Okay.

Obviously, it didn't matter. We did Daughter on the Mountaintop after Carry the Ball to the Side instead of before it. And, after practice, one of the students looked like a smiling Buddha. Obviously, he wasn't bothered by my mistake. And, neither was I. That's a central teaching of TCC moving meditation ... Go with the flow. And we did....

Friday, August, 31, 2012:

Today's TCC practice happened while I was in the middle of a low blood sugar. And, once again, I did my practice in a less than expected way. I yelled. I growled. I pushed hard. Then relaxed.

It really wasn't until I finished my practice, though, that it occurred to me that I might be low. And so I tested my blood sugar levels, drank juice, and went on with my life. Still, something about that low inspired me to think about taking the rest of the day off in order to get my life back instead of feeling like my busyness (business) is running me instead of the other way around.

Yes, I know it's Labor Day weekend but that doesn't mean that I have to spend the whole three plus days laboring.

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