Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am enthusiastic about life ...

Interesting ... I completed a morning TCC practice several hours ago and it feels as if it occurred during another lifetime. The perception of time is an amazingly changeable and elusive concept.

During this morning's TCC practice on the deck I glimpsed Lake Superior once or twice as branches swayed forward and back across its beautiful, watery expanse. I won't see much of these sky blue waters until fall temperatures color tree leaves and send them tumbling to the ground. When the trees stand naked, the sky, clouds, and waters will be revealed in all their glory.

Chiripa stalked an invisible prey in the tall grasses and ferns lining the edge of the woods while I moved through my TCC meditation. I included Seijaku at the start of my practice, then focused on softness and relaxation in the middle, and finished with more Seijaku at the end. It felt wonderful to flow with the winds and waters.

It's a beautiful summery day with bright sunlight and the whisper of winds dancing through leaves.

Suddenly these words float into my consciousness. They are taken from a years' old collection of affirmations that I occasionally sang in my car en route to work and home (authors and singers unknown).
I am alive. I am alert. I am awake and joyous.
I am alive. I am alert. I am enthusiastic about life.
It's time to put my enthusiasm to good use....

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