Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Attention Goes....

Thanks, Evergreen, for your comment on yesterday's blog. You were guided to focus on feeling the energy in your body and ... you did! This experience reminds me of the oft-repeated saying in the bodywork and healing fields, Where attention goes, energy flows.

Last week, as we traveled home from the T'ai Chi Chih Teachers' Conference I commented to the two teachers traveling with me that I noted an increase in energy when I practiced with the large group of TCC teachers. Yes, the silence was deeper than in a typical TCC class. And, yes, there were a number of teachers whose hands and fingers shook and vibrated from the energy as did mine. In addition, I witnessed one teacher during our final practice who paused in place, mid-movement, while her entire body trembled.

Normally I'm fairly oblivious to the movements of my hands and fingers though I previously realized that when I practice with Justin Stone's TCC DVD, as soon as several of the practitioners' fingers begin to tremble the movement of my own fingers increases. Hmmm. Could it be that my body is responding to the above refrain: Where attention goes, energy flows?

Like you, Evergreen, I typically feel the energy in my hands and fingers rather than my entire body. But your quest reminds me that all I need to do is place my attention inside my body and pay attention to how/what I feel.

On occasion I feel a surge of energy in my heart region, my chest, the trunk of my body, or my legs. And many years ago, when Frances and I went searching for the earth's energy meridians (a/k/a ley lines), we found ourselves outside of Spirit Lake, Iowa doing TCC practice right next to the road. When I stepped into Cosmic Consciousness Pose, my body began to shake furiously. I felt as if I had plugged into a ley line and become an energy conduit and I immediately placed my attention into the soles of my feet to ground, ground, ground.

What a wonderful adventure we're on, eh?

Today's TCC practice was performed in the midst of picture-perfect weather: a light breeze, comfortable temps, no mosquitoes, waving leaves, and a few flitting hummingbirds. Ahh. The joy has returned....

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