Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Jewel of TCC ...

The jewel of T'ai Chi Chih is its teachers.
          --Justin Stone
The above quote hung in the front of our meeting and practice room throughout our 25th Annual TCC Conference. It was a wonderful reminder of the role we play, the responsibility we carry, and the benefits we receive when we introduce and nurture our students in the T'ai Chi Chih way.

Both Anna and Judy (my traveling companions) teased me the first night of conference when they saw me approach and talk to Suni McHenry and Connie Hyde. Both women are included on Justin Stone's instructional T'ai Chi Chih! Joy Thru Movement DVD. They are two of the four Albuquerque teachers who participate in a group practice at the end of this DVD and I practice with them often (especially whenever I feel the need for a group practice).

Oh, you're such a groupie, Anna and Judy teased me, You just want to rub shoulders with the stars. Suni seemed pleased to receive my comments. "It's so nice to meet you in person since I practice with you often and see you regularly on my TV screen," I told Connie. She replied, "Well, I see you, too, from the other side of the screen."

It rained heavily during the night last night and today was dark and rain filled as well. During tonight's TCC practice I focused on Sandy McAlister's "String Theory the T'ai Chi Chih Way" as presented last Friday at the TCC conference. My 30"+ string serves as a feedback mechanism to check my stance and foundation, the orientation of ear/shoulder/hip, and the position of my knees in relation to my toes. And that's not all the ways in which the string can be used.

Tonight I played with adjusting my pelvis and hips to avoid leaning backwards while in Resting Position. And ... there's more to come in the days and weeks ahead.

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