Friday, August 20, 2010

TCC: A Special Remedy

Recently my days and nights are filled with two constant sounds: acorns crashing onto our metal roof and rain pelting, splashing, and cascading upon roof, deck, and earth. Now late on a Friday evening all is quiet.
I put my T'ai Chi Chih practice to good use tonight as I prepared for a reading at our local coffee shop, Big Water, in downtown Bayfield. Those of us who published articles several months ago in the book, Love Stories of the Bay, gathered together to share our stories.

Since I'm basically an anxious person I rely on a variety of tools and assistance to ease my nerves. Before arriving at the coffee shop, after returning home, and during the reading itself I practiced T'ai Chi Chih. My home practices were physical while my coffee shop practice was conducted mentally. All of these TCC moments plus the addition of a Bach flower Rescue Remedy helped. By the time I rose to read my piece, "Vegetables Galore," which I wrote a year ago, I felt relaxed and at ease.

I'm reminded of a TCC teacher trainee at a teacher certification years ago who was an opera singer. He admitted that he relied on TCC practice to prepare him for auditions. And, at last week's TCC Conference in Nebraska I met another TCC teacher/opera singer. He acknowledged that his TCC practice helped him prepare for his performances. In addition, he said, it offered him a comfort zone when another performer on stage suddenly skipped 50 pages of script and he was left to find a way to get back on track.

Yep. Though it's not a potion in a bottle, TCC is its own special remedy. Just ground, focus, and move (physically or mentally) and you'll discover peace of mind....

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