Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back to Balance

It's Spring Equinox and there's no doubt about it: Spring is definitely here (at least for the moment). Yesterday I pulled the first woodtick off my body. That will be the first of many. All the creatures of the forest--and houses--are happily spending time outdoors in the warmth and sunshine.

I did my T'ai Chi Chih practice today while Frances had an important meeting with a local official and I began practice by dedicating it to the positive healing outcome of that meeting. It felt good to focus on sending loving, compassionate energy to those who were involved in the discussion.

Meanwhile the goose and chicken grazed on wee bits of green that sprouted from the earth, the dog practiced his guard/protector duties, and I breathed out body tension and allowed myself to float on my exhalations and inhalations.

It seems important right now to find any and every way to let go of the stress that is circulating through the our communities,our environment, our politics, and our personal relationships. Again, I am grateful for T'ai Chi Chih, a wonderful tool that brings me (and others I associate with) back into balance.

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