Friday, March 23, 2012

Flowing and Slowing

Intentionally or not, I had a split T'ai Chi Chih practice today. My first go at it occurred during my lunch break at the library. I positioned myself in front of the TV screen in the downstairs meeting room and got in ten minutes of "self reflective" practice. After work I joined the goose outside in the dripping, foggy weather and moved through the practice to the sound of large drops falling to earth.

It was a busy, productive day as I tackled projects at the library that have sat unattended for a year or more. Still, it was great to come home and immediately slow myself down to the speed of a moving meditation. The goose enjoyed the company as she submerged her beak in a puddle of water and noisily strained mud through her beak. The dog, too, engaged in doggy behaviors (i.e., eating cat poop buried in the dirt of the driveway).

Meanwhile I flowed and slowed. Now I am adequately prepared for a relaxing and relaxed Friday evening at home.

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