Friday, March 30, 2012


Another aha moment: Yesterday one of my T'ai Chi Chih students told me that last week she finally understood what I mean when I say (over and over again), "Lead from your t'an tien."

As my student watched me move in profile, she realized that I truly meant to move from t'an tien first (she admitted that she always thought I was talking about intent rather than the actual physical reality of allowing the stomach to lead the rest of the body). Hurrah for aha moments!

The last several days I've suffered with a severe sore throat. Consequently, I'm doing daily T'ai Chi Chih AND qigong practices. Tonight my throat feels better. And, during my seated TCC practice, I felt a significant amount of chi. I'm engaged in intensive self-care (the TCC and qigong practices are key features, of course). And ... I'll see what tomorrow brings.

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