Monday, March 19, 2012

Warming Up (Figuratively and Literally)

It's another unseasonably warm day. I, again, went out to the deck and practiced T'ai Chi Chih before the sun rose high enough to heat the air to uncomfortable levels (i.e., high 70s/low 80s).

It felt just right to start my day with TCC practice before I drove into the library and opened the doors wide. It's wonderful to balance my life each day as I'm reminded to float with the ebbs and flows of life's ocean currents.

And, though the woods are still starkly brown and black, bits of green are emerging from the earth. Virtually no one I talk to believes that we'll get through this spring without another snowstorm or two so I appreciate every single day of warmth and sunshine that arrives.

The plus is that it's still too early to have to deal with mosquitoes and oh, what a plus that is....

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