Monday, March 5, 2012

Wrapped in a Cozy White Comforter

I started my day with lots of chores and more to go before I headed off to work. And then I realized: It's Monday. It's likely to be busy at the library. Why not take the time to do your T'ai Chi Chih practice before you do any more busywork?

And so, I did. Thankfully I practiced seated TCC while I looked outside at the wintry whiteness. Focusing on the pure white snow helped to calm and slow me down. I felt as if I, just like the Earth, was wrapped in a cozy white comforter.

More snow fell this afternoon and I've been told that another big storm should arrive on Thursday. Now that my library day is done I'll venture outside to discover how much more of that light fluffy white fell while I was working....

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