Friday, February 12, 2010


I received a Golden Globe Award this morning as the round glowing orb of sun rose into the sky. We have another--our third--day of clear blue skies. It feels like a wonderful gift after so many days--months really--of clouds and greyness unabated. By practice end snowflakes twinkle at me from the top of snow piles on the deck and I stand, immersed, in a warm bath of light.

During today's practice I experience the "trickle in" effects of the recently received t'ai chi chih refinements that day-by-day grow more familiar, more comfortable, more effortless. It feels good to be in my body noticing the differences these slight--yet significant--changes make to my movements.

I feel an expanding awareness, too, which reminds me of one of Justin Stone's sayings: ... awareness is the root of T'ai Chi Chih ... circularity is the fundamental ... 'softness and continuity' are the essence.

My slow, soft movements eventually send the wild, energy-filled kitten back to bed. And I continue to move feeling grateful for another level of learning that asks me to move with care and attention, emptiness and fullness, circling--always circling--forward and back, side to side, around and around....

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