Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Honey

Three or four new inches of fresh snow and a mid-night sweep up our driveway by the Russell Town plow started our day. Now the wind swirls around treetops and sweeps dustings of snow off the rooftop. And the snow falls lightly still....

I listened to Sweet Honey In The Rock on Minnesota Public Radio this morning and was inspired yet again by their wonderful music as well as their commitment to spreading truth and justice throughout the world. I first saw them perform in the late '70s. In fact, I worked at Amazon Bookstore selling tickets to their concert the day of one of their shows. Exhausted by the thrum of customers and the busy rush of business, I debated whether to attend the concert myself. But I'd heard their records and rave reviews from friends so I had to see and hear them in person.

My tired body and spirit were extremely grateful I made that decision. By the end of the performance I was reenergized and spiritually uplifted. The evening was a delightful and invigorating combination of a cappella singing and storytelling that reenforced an encouraging belief that, "Yes, the world can be a better place if we're willing to work to make it so."

Today's radio performance and interview with Sweet Honey's members reminded me of t'ai chi chih practice. Several of the performers said that although they'd been performing for over 35 years they still felt that they were constantly learning new things. In fact, they went on, what would be the point in doing it if they weren't?

Exactly. What would be the point of doing t'ai chi chih practice if I perfected my movements so precisely that each day's practice was exactly the same? The same predictable practice day after day after day. How long could I continue to practice is that were true?

I followed the movements of t'an t'ien today as it rocked and swiveled, moved and turned. But who knows what I'll experience tomorrow?

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