Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knocking on Hidden Treasures....

I followed the kitten out to the unheated porch today for TCC practice. With outdoor temperatures around 29 degrees and passive solar heat--the room has three walls of windows--it was comfortable. Once out, Chiripa was in her element. She stalked a large noisy fly, invisible floating detritus, and flying birds that swooped nearby.

What a lovely sun-blessed day! I moved amid the silent rhythm of water dripping from icicles lining the roof edge, gazed upon an undulating landscape of shining white snow, and submerged myself in the glorious pure blue of cloudless sky.

My thigh muscles were used well and well-used last night with over two hours of class time so I purposely delayed today's practice 'til lunchtime. It was obvious, my muscles needed time to recover in order for me to feel stable and secure in my foundation.

I continue to play with the refinements I learned at the January 28-31 TCC retreat. I'll often adjust some minor detail in how I shift my weight or how I experience t'an t'ien leading me through the movements, then pay attention to how that change feels in my body. Occasionally I make further adjustments in search of that elusive ping of recognition when everything feels just right. Other times I'm back to start. Nope. That refinement just didn't do it....

Ultimately, that's what I love and appreciate about t'ai chi chih moving meditation. For all of its inherent simplicity it continues to mystify and challenge me. How can I possibly grow bored with a living, breathing, organic process that is ever-changing while remaining changeless? One more mystery of the Tao....
Knock on yourself as upon a door
and walk upon yourself as on a straight road.
For if you walk on the road,
It is impossible for you to go astray.
And if you knock with Wisdom,
You knock on hidden treasures ...
               The Teaching of Silvanus
               From: The Mystic Vision, February 10

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