Monday, February 22, 2010

Emptiness Full Filled

A cloudy morning segued into sun and blessed blue skies by midday. I performed today's practice while seated in a chair. My knees, spent from daily TCC practices as well as daily snowshoe outings in the woods, felt like they knee-ed a break.

Practice felt good, of course, but I missed my traditional standing-moving-weight shifting review because--honestly--I like shifting my weight and feeling my t'an t'ien lead me forward and back, up and down, and round and round. (T'an t'ien still leads me while I sit, of course, but it feels different because there's less mobility and flow.)

After practice I remained quietly in my chair simply receiving. Today for the first time I received with my eyes open. It felt more difficult to sit quietly while my eyes focused outside of myself. Eventually, I closed my eyes. Less distraction. Less opportunity for my mind to wander away from receiving and into the jungle of Monkey Mind antics.

Under the covering of my eyelids I continued to receive with gratitude. Amazing, isn't it, that something so simple--and empty--can feel so full?

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