Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My low-energy headachy day ended with--thankfully!--two back-to-back t'ai chi chih classes. I told Frances as I left to teach that I didn't feel well but I assumed that I'd feel better after class because that's so often what happens to me. (I often tell my students that teaching t'ai chi chih moving meditation is the only job I've ever held in which I feel better after I finish than when I began.)

It is a great pleasure to teach a moving meditation form that yields immediate results! Both groups seemed to float easily into the slow-soft-flowing-effortlessness of moving as One. After our practice in each class there was a feeling of quiet and peacefulness that rippled out from the group, into the room, and beyond.

Again and again, I'm reminded how blessed I am to teach T'ai Chi Chih Joy thru Movement when I witness it transforming people--myself included--into peaceful, calm centers of silence ... few words spoken, few words needed. And, right now, very few words are coming to mind to explain what it means to be a joyful participant in this wonderful life-affirming, world-changing practice.

Yes, I still feel unexplainably tired. Yes, I still have a headache. But now ... the anxiety and tension are gone. I am peace....

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