Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joy is always there....

Today I practiced for Justin Stone. The most recent (February 2010) Vital Force journal included an Editor's Note that alerted readers to the news of Justin's December fall and subsequent hospitalization. It noted that many people wondered what they could do for Justin during his rehab and recovery. One simple recommendation followed: Practice T'ai Chi Chih. Practice when you want to and practice when you don't.

Today was a practice when you don't want to day. Last night's sleep was disrupted by a low blood sugar. When I rose to treat it, I was well aware of the close-to-full brightness of the moon just outside my windows and door. The rest of the night was spent in restless wakefulness ... awake-asleep-awake-asleep.

Today I felt tired and unsettled and my heart wasn't in the movements but I did them anyway. And, as is typical, by the time I reached Light at the Top of the Head/Light at the Temples I felt a wee bit quieter and calmer than when I began. A brief resting in silence after practice helped me remain in a place of peace for a few minutes longer.

Today's practice after an upsy-downsy night helped restore my gratitude for this always-available, ever-present, sometimes-difficult to perform moving meditation we call joy thru movement. As Justin reminds us: "Joy" is always there; it only has to be uncovered. (The Vital Force, February 2010, p. 1)

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