Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Following the T'ai Chi Chih Path

Glorious sunshine! Snow sparkles glitter over rooftops, hillsides, and railings. The temperature gauge creeps slowly up from 0 to 5, then 10 degrees, and higher still.

"It's supposed to get up to 20 degrees tomorrow," said one of the clerks at the grocery store last night with a mixture of hope and excitement in her voice. Today, as I see it happening, I'm excited too.

During today's practice I begin to integrate the teachings from our t'ai chi chih retreat and practice of last week. Of course, every single movement can be improved and deepened; the Chi allowed to circulate more freely. I recognize how much I have inadvertently adjusted my t'ai chi chih practice to accommodate an old knee injury that never fully healed.

I also notice, though, that as I reach a deeper understanding of how to move my body, how to allow t'ai t'ien to lead me through every movement--every step of the heel, every lift of the hands and arms, every circling of energy from foot to foot (yinning and yanging)--I'm more free to ride the flow of Chi.

After nearly 15 years of t'ai chi chih practice it's exciting to experience an ever-deepening level of energy, to open myself to more softness, to sink myself deeper into my root. I'm still learning to be patient ... and trust.
         All Paths Lead to Me
Life is a challenge          * Meet it
Life is a gift                   * Accept it
Life is an adventure       * Dare it
Life is a sorrow             * Overcome it
Life is a tragedy             * Face it
Life is a duty                  * Perform it
Life is a game                * Play it
Life is a Mystery            * Unfold it
Life is a song                 * Sing it
Life is an opportunity     * Take it
Life is a journey             * Complete it
Life is a promise            * Fulfil it
Life is a love                  * Embrace it
Life is a beauty              * Praise it ...
               Seen in a draper's shop in India
               From: The Mystic Vision, p. 24

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